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SE Slides By Me

These slides would be used in class of Software Engineering

Prepared By Me Content taken from

  • Software Engineering A Practitioner’s Approach by Roger S. Pressman, Edition: 6th. (Text Book)
  • Software Engineering 6/e by Sommerville (Reference Book)

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Software Process

Chapter 3 Software Process Model

Chapter 4 Requirement Engineering

Design Patterns by Hafiz Fahid of Txlogics


Official Slides


Chapter 1 Introduction
chapter 1

Chapter 2 Software Process

Chapter 3 Software Process Model

Chapter 4 Requirement Engineering

Chapter 5 Analysis Modeling

Chapter 6 Design

Chapter 7 Architecture

Chapter 7 Project Management concept

Chapter 8 Metrics for process and projects

Chapter 8 Testing Tactics

Chapter 9 Testing Strategies

Chapter 10 Project Management concept

Chapter 11 Metrics for process and projects

Chapter 12 software project planning

Chapter 13 Risk Analysis and Management

Chapter 14 Project Scheduling and Tracking

Chapter 15 Software Quality Assurance

Chapter 16 Object Oriented Testing

Official Slides


Ch1 Introduction

Ch2 Software Processes

Ch3 Agile software development

Ch4 Requirements engineering

Ch5 System modeling

Ch6 Architecture Design

Ch7 Design and Implementation

Ch8 Software testing

Ch9 Software Evolution

Ch10 Socio-technical Systems

Ch11 Dependability and Security

Ch12 Dependability and Security Specification

Ch13Dependability Engineering

Ch14 Security Engineering

Ch15 Dependability and Security Assurance

Ch16 Software Reuse

Ch17 Component-based Software Engineering

Ch18 Distributed Software Engineering

Ch19 Service-oriented Architecture

Ch20 Embedded Systems

Ch21 Aspect-oriented software engineering

Ch22 Project management

Ch23 Project planning

Ch24 Quality management

Ch25 Configuration management

Ch26 Process improvement

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