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Assignment 3 course report

You are required to demonstrate your SE skills for the following client requirements.

Client want to make a utility software for windows operating systems with following utilities.

You are required to demonstrate the following phases

  1. Requirement Engineering
    1. Decide how you would carry out the requirement gathering phase
    2. Make SRS for the client
  2. Analysys Modeling
    1. Make all necessary diagrams
  3. Design And Architecture
    1. Make an architecture and a detailed class diagram with all relationships
    2. Make the design of the webpage you are supposed to make for the licensing (Do Not Implement)
  4. Test Cases
    1. Design test cases for all tests..

Remember: No Implementation


Submission Instructions…

Submit your Hard Copy to my office latest by Wed 10th June 2015

and SoftCopy to Turn It in by due date

Clearly Mention which part of the report is done by which team member

Max a group of 3 is allowed.

Plagiarism is not bearable at any cost.

Turnitin Submission

Make an account on

class id: 10049245

enrolment password: password would be given in group


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