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Automata lecture Slides

Lec-01 Intro

Lec-02 Languages

Lec-03 Languages 2

Lec-04 Regular Expressions

Lec-05 Regular Expressions Cont

Lec-06 Finite Automata

Lec-07 Finite Automata Cont

Lec-08 Finite Automata Cont..

Lec-09-10 Transition Graphs and NFAs

Lec-11 Kleene’s Theorem

Lec-12 Kleene’s Theorem 2

Lec-13 Kleene’s Theorem 3

Lec-14 Kleene’s Theorem 4

Lec-15 Nondeterministic Finite Automaton (NFA)

Lec-17-18 Finite Automata with Output

Lec-19 Finite Automata with Output 2

Lec-21 Regular Languages

Lec-23 Nonregular Languages

Lec-24 Decidability

Lec-26 Context Free Grammars

Lec-27 Context Free Grammars

Lec-28 Grammatical Format

Helping Material

Chapter 13 Chomskey Normal Form

Lecture 7 Kleene theorem



 Mr. Mukhtar Slides

Chapter 13 Chomskey Normal Form

Lecture 1 TOA

Lecture 2 Mathematics Preliminaries

Lecture 3 Recursive def and regular expression of TOA

Lecture 4 NFA to DFA conversion updated

Lecture 8 Output

Lecture 6 NFAs and Transition Graphs

Lecture 7 Kleene theorem

Lecture 8

Lecture 09-11 Regular Languages and Properties

Lecture 12 Context Free Grammars

Lecture 14 Push Down Automata

Lecture 19 Turing Theory1





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