Web Engineering Lecture Slides



Lecture 01 Internet and WWW

Lecture 02 HTML and CSS Basics

Lecture 03 More Basic HTML and CSS

Lecture 04 Page Sections and the CSS Box Model

Lecture 05 Floating and Positioning

Lecture 06 Basic PHP for Server Side Programming

Lecture 07 More PHP for Server Side Programming

Lecture 08 HTML Forms

Lecture 09 Server Browser Interactions

Lecture 10 Form Validations and Regular Expression

Lecture 11 Advanced PHP and Web Frameworks

Lecture 12 Basic JavaScript for Client Side Programming

Lecture 13 More JavaScript and DOM

Lecture 14 Object-Oriented JavaScript

Lecture 15 Advanced JavaScript and DOM

Lecture 16 Manipulating DOM with JavaScript

Lecture 17 DOM Events

Lecture 18 Advanced Events and Client Side Validations

Lecture 19 Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX)

Lecture 20 Pragmatic XML

Lecture 21 Web Services

Lecture 22 Rich Client Side and RIA

Lecture 23 Cookies and Sessions

Lecture 24 Mashups

Lecture 25 Web Security Basics

Lecture 26 Web Engineering Basics

Lecture 27 Cloud Computing and Semantic Web

PHP DB Connectivity




Shootout CakePHP



 JQuery Material

Jquery essentials:


jquery for beginners:

Sample Databases



Employees Official Mysql Sample DB 

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