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FA17 OS Assignments

Assignment One

Assignment 1

Assignment Two

Write a one page note on any one of the following

  • QoS in Wireless Networks (e.g., 802.11e)
  • Real-Time Processing and Communication in Sensor Networks
  • Real-Time Aspects of Robotics
  • Case Study of a Real-Time Operating System
  • Dynamic Voltage Scaling
  • Real-Time in Ada

Assignment Three

Write a one page note on any one of the following

  • Real-Time Task Scheduling on Multiprocessors
  • Real-Time Databases
  • Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis
  • Multimedia Computing and Communication
  • Real-Time CORBA
  • Real-Time Programming Languages
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Resource Management
  • Real-Time Java
  • Testing, Debugging
  • Energy Management
  • Real-Time Cluster Computing

Assignemt Four

Write a one page note on any one of the following papers.

You can make a group of Max Three students and each student is required to submit his/her own copy separately. Each group’s copy can be same for all group members. Only Assignment four is a group task.

Submission Details

Assignment one is already submitted. Assignment two, three and four are to be submitted on turnitin

You are to submit your assignments to by using the following details.

Class ID : 17025721

EnrollmentKey: usmanakram

Create a new user account (student account) with the display name as your roll number like   SDP-FA17-BCS-009-YourNameHere

Submission Closes o n Friday 29th December 2017 at 2PM.

Turnitin would catch you if you copy paste from any resource, or even if you submit someone else’s copy resulting 0 marks for all parties involved. Write your own thoughts.

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