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FA17 Web Technologies Assignments

Term Project.

Assignment One

Submit a One Page proposal of your Term Project. Describing what you built and which technologies you implemented.

Assignment Two

Make a Word Document Give two screenshots of your frontend HTML/CSS design. and brief about your approach.

Assignment Three

Make a Word Document having the screenshots of your page which shows the DB Connectivity.

Assignment Four

Write a 3-4 pages report on your project showing how you implement

  • create
  • read
  • update
  • delete
  • pagination

Code Submission

Submit your code + database dump in the form of zip file

Submission Details

Assignment One, two, three, four and project code are to be submitted on turnitin. Each group would submit same copy in each assignment submission.

You are to submit your assignments to by using the following details.

Class ID : 17025772

EnrollmentKey: usmanakram

Create a new user account (student account) with the display name as your roll number like   SDP-FA17-BCS-009-YourNameHere

Submission Closes o n Friday 29th December 2017 at 2PM.

Turnitin would catch you if you copy paste from any resource, or even if you submit someone else’s copy resulting 0 marks for all parties involved. Write your own thoughts.

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