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SP19 Web Technologies Assignments

Term Project.

Term project is open ended project you can choose the application of your choice. But you must show your css/html/js skills along with your react and node understanding.

Assignment One

Submit a One Page proposal of your Term Project. Describing what you built and which technologies you implemented.
Deadline: 19-04-2019

Assignment Two

Make a Word Document Give two screenshots of your frontend HTML/CSS design. and brief about your approach.
Deadline: 26-04-2019

Assignment Three

Make a Word Document having the screenshots of your page which shows your frontend developed in React
Deadline 10-5-2019

Assignment Four

Write a 3-4 pages report on your project showing how you implement following functionalities in Node
• create
• read
• update
• delete
• pagination

And how you connect this API with your react app

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