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MERN Stack Web Course Material

This page contains all of the material of my Web Technologies Classes.  Feel free to bookmark download or distribute its content its all free. Join my classes for a roller coaster ride.

Always keep in mind I am not a guru. Please keep me posted with anything which you know and I don’t.

JQuery based API Client

Code for JQuery CRUD

All Slides Google Drive Link


Express CRUD with EJS (Server Side and No React)

complete-example This is a super simple example connecting node with react.

minicab-server A full functional node api built with Node and Express Generator

Express App Generator Clean Install Repo

We Would be building A movie Rental App, Complete Code can be downloaded from here 

MERN Stack Technology OverView


Hand Picked tutorials

How to use Command Prompt for beginners

Mastering Wrapping of Flex Items

How to deploy a create-react-app with an Express backend to Heroku

File Upload With Multer in Node.js and Express

Using HTTP Methods for RESTful Services

Heroku Deployment Sequece

only once

heroku login

git init


git add -A ; git commit -m ‘Adjustments’ ; git push heroku master ; heroku logs –tail

Sample API to work with

Base URL:

Method URL Description
POST /users {
"email":"[email protected]",
"name":"Usman Akram"
POST /auth {
“email”:”[email protected]”,
GET /users/me set x-auth-token generated from login


GET /movies get all movies
GET /generes get all generes
POST /geners {
“name”:”Pakistani Drama”
}also set x-auth-token
PUT genres/5cadcc4dbbefa40016aff1ea Modify genre by ID set name
GET genres/5cadcc4dbbefa40016aff1ea get One Genre
DELETE genres/5cadcc4dbbefa40016aff1ea Delete One Genre


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