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Covid Assessments Web Technologies

Dear Students!

These are special times and need special measures to take. Below are three Assessments which you have to implement in order to be assessed in web technologies course.

Assessment 1

You are required to implement a theme for your project using HTML / CSS. you are free to choose whatever library or framework you want to use. JavaScript is not required but if you use It will be a bonus.


Submit your assignment at

Assessment 2 

Suppose you are developing a portal for reant a car companies. Companies have already been registered and have added their vehicles and basic mileage rates from one destination to another. Below is a form in which they are required for adding uplift amounts if another vehicle other than their base vehicle is selected.

There are two options for each vehicle type one is for percentage uplift one is for flat amount.

You are required to implement the form validation for this. Conditions are as follows.

  • only one category can be selected for each vehicle type. e.g. if percentage is selected then flat amount will be disabled.
  • in percentage only number from 0-100 can be entered
  • in flat amount any positive number can be entered.

You are free to choose whatever library/framework of JS you like. You can even implement in plain JS.


Submit your assignment at

Assessment Three (Term Project)

You are required to choose a project of your own choice and implement using the techniques described in video series. Your project must include following

  • Atleast one Restful API implemented in node, express and mongodb
    • even if you are using a server side rendering mode of implementation
  • Server side validation
  • Client side validation e.g. on browser end
  • Authentication
    • Session authentication in case of server side rendering
    • JWT based authentication in case of client side rendering
  • A web application demonstrating complete CRUD capabilities. It can be one of following
    •  Server side rendering using PUG
    • Client Side rendering using JQuery or REACT (Only one of these two techniques)
  • Authorization
    • Any segment of your web app should only be accessible to admins.
  • Deployment to Heroku is must.


Submit your assignment at

All submissions must be made with your official CUI email addresses.

Assessment 1 and 3 is must for all.
Assessment 2 have a choice: you can submit your youtube video of any web development related technology which we are not covering in our course.




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