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FYP Guidlines for COMSATS Students

  1. First, all students are required to find their FYP ideas and supervisors. To find the relevant supervisor according to their domain, please visit the faculty profiles available on CUI, Lahore campus official website.
  2. To find the available FYP project ideas, kindly visit the following link
  1. After finalizing the project idea and the supervisor, students have to prepare a FYP proposal for FYP-I registration purpose. All the relevant templates from FYP proposal to final documentation are available on the following link
  1. The Project Proposal Soft and hard copy signed by the concerned supervisor and batch advisor and it will be submitted to Sir Abdul Karim Shahid in 1st two weeks of Fall 2021 Semester. After the deadline for FYP Proposal is passed, no project proposal will be accepted.
  2. After Submitting the Proposal, they will have to prepare the FYP 1 Report during 7th semester according to the template available on the already shared link.
  3. At the end of Fall 2021 semester, FYP-I report soft copy signed by the concerned supervisor will then be submitted according to the deadline
  4. After Submission of FYP 1 report, the project report will be evaluated by nominated internal evaluators and supervisor
  5. In 8th semester, the students have to complete the implementation (coding) of the Project and write FYP-II Report.
  6. There will be two evaluations in the 8th Semester, Pre-Evaluation and Final Evaluation.

Pre-Evaluation will be conducted after Sessional 2 of 8th semester. In this evaluation, their project will be evaluated by nominated internal evaluators. During this evaluation, they will be required to present at least 70-80% of your project. If they have successfully presented their work to them and the evaluators, find the work acceptable to be presented in final evaluation. The evaluators will allow them to present their project in final evaluation.

  1. Before Final Evaluations, the FYP-II Report soft copy signed by the concerned supervisor and Project Poster will then be submitted to Miss Fareeha Iftikhar according to the deadline.
  2. The Final Evaluations will be conducted after Final Exams of 8th semester, in which they will present their project to Internal and External Evaluators.
  3. After the result declaration, if the students have passed the FYP then submit final deliverables to Miss Iqra Obaid. All the guidelines for submission of final deliverables are available on following link:

Note: The important information and deadlines related to FYP available on following site link

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