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FA22 Web Technologies Final Lab Exam B

Question 1 [20 Marks] CLO4

You are required to analyze the posts api provided by and create a front (Either JQuery or React) end which sould interact with this api. You arr also required to implement pagination.

Dummy api also receive a query string like and it also return data in following format

{ “posts”: [ { “id”: 11, “title”: “It wasn’t quite yet time to panic.”, “reactions”: 5, “userId”: 25 }, { “id”: 12, “title”: “She was aware that things could go wrong.”, “reactions”: 7, “userId”: 26 } ], “total”: 150, “skip”: 10, “limit”: 10 }

Question 2 [30 Marks] CLO5

Create a server side web application which should render paginated posts from db. implement your own data base and connect. fill db with mock data.

Submission Instructions

Submit the following form from your official email 

You are to make a repo with two folders. One folder for each question. Your repo should not have any commit after 5:00 PM. Your repo should be public

make a file on root folder and write how you attempt each question

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