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FA22 Web Technologies Final Lab Exam A

Question 1 [20 Marks] CLO4

You are required to make a client side app using either JQuery or React to create a login form with two fields username and password and submit data to   end point details of the end point can be found at Also implement validation. username and password are required. if the response is successful then store token in localstorage and also display below the form.

Question 2 [30 Marks] CLO5

Create a web app (EIther Server sider rendered or client side rendered) to display todos each to do should have its content and completed status. Implement

Create, Read, Update , Delete Operations.


Submission Instructions

Submit the following form from your official email 

You are to make a repo with two folders. One folder for each question. Your repo should not have any commit after 5:00 PM. Your repo should be public

make a file on root folder and write how you attempt each question

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