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FA20-BCS-A Final Term Lab Exam


Question 1         [CLO-4]                                                                                                                                            [100]

Make a server side rendered web app using the mongo db collection which is assigned to you exclusively. You are supposed to use express, you may use any other supporting technology e.g. bootstrap, jquery. Make a landing page which should list all of the records in that collection. Your landing page should have a add new button which should navigate to a form which will be used to add a new record. Each record displayed on main page should also has a delete button. The delete button should delete that record and redirect the app to the same page.

Roll Number Collection Name Fields
CIIT/FA18-BCS-043/LHR BlogPost title,content,published
CIIT/FA20-BCS-001/LHR comment author, content, liked
CIIT/FA20-BCS-003/LHR vehicle registeration_number, make, model, color
CIIT/FA20-BCS-004/LHR driver name, salary, vehicle
CIIT/FA20-BCS-009/LHR area name, locality, attractions
CIIT/FA20-BCS-011/LHR user name, email, password
CIIT/FA20-BCS-014/LHR booking type, drivername, vehicle
CIIT/FA20-BCS-016/LHR product color, title, price
CIIT/FA20-BCS-028/LHR dress size, color, price
CIIT/FA20-BCS-035/LHR student name, cgpa, skills, address
CIIT/FA20-BCS-036/LHR teacher name, qualification, expertise
CIIT/FA20-BCS-037/LHR bloodpressure DIASTOLIC ,SYSTOLIC, time
CIIT/FA20-BCS-038/LHR sugar level reading, mood, type
CIIT/FA20-BCS-041/LHR Employee Email, first name,lastname, department
CIIT/FA20-BCS-042/LHR categoriy title, published,description
CIIT/FA20-BCS-043/LHR blog post title, content, author
CIIT/FA20-BCS-045/LHR vouchers title, amount,isFixed,max_amount
CIIT/FA20-BCS-051/LHR media filename, filetype, size, extension
CIIT/FA20-BCS-057/LHR Mailing list name, email
CIIT/FA20-BCS-063/LHR LuggageType title,capacity, size
CIIT/FA20-BCS-067/LHR destination title, slug, attractions
CIIT/FA20-BCS-071/LHR VoltageReadings max,min, average
CIIT/FA20-BCS-076/LHR Recipes title, content, ingredients
CIIT/FA20-BCS-079/LHR food type, name, calories
CIIT/FA20-BCS-081/LHR disease name, causes, symptoms
CIIT/FA20-BCS-083/LHR doctors name, speciality, hospital
CIIT/FA20-BCS-090/LHR hospitals name, location, ratings
CIIT/FA20-BCS-092/LHR trains name, arrival time, departure name, capacity
CIIT/FA20-BCS-093/LHR trucks number, max weight, tyres
CIIT/FA20-BCS-094/LHR tyres name, company, dimensions
SP20-BCS-116 drinks name, sugar quantity, carbonated
CIIT/SP20-BCS-120/LHR role title, permissions, description
CIIT/SP20-BCS-131/LHR permission, url, method, role


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