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FA20-BCS-B Final Lab Exam

Question 1         [CLO-4]                                                                                                                                            [100]

Below you will find a model and its properties assigned to you exclusively. You are to implement following tasks

  • Make a RESTFUL API using express.
  • Make a jQuery based client side client to connect that api and list existing records


Roll Number Collection Name Fields
CIIT/FA19-BCS-115/LHR tyres name, company, dimensions
CIIT/FA20-BCS-002/LHR drinks name, sugar quantity, carbonated
CIIT/FA20-BCS-005/LHR role title, permissions, description
CIIT/FA20-BCS-007/LHR BlogPost title,content,published
CIIT/FA20-BCS-008/LHR comment author, content, liked
CIIT/FA20-BCS-010/LHR vehicle registeration_number, make, model, color
CIIT/FA20-BCS-012/LHR driver name, salary, vehicle
CIIT/FA20-BCS-015/LHR area name, locality, attractions
CIIT/FA20-BCS-017/LHR user name, email, password
CIIT/FA20-BCS-024/LHR booking type, drivername, vehicle
CIIT/FA20-BCS-027/LHR product color, title, price
CIIT/FA20-BCS-030/LHR dress size, color, price
CIIT/FA20-BCS-031/LHR student name, cgpa, skills, address
CIIT/FA20-BCS-032/LHR teacher name, qualification, expertise
CIIT/FA20-BCS-039/LHR bloodpressure DIASTOLIC ,SYSTOLIC, time
CIIT/FA20-BCS-040/LHR sugar level reading, mood, type
CIIT/FA20-BCS-048/LHR Employee Email, first name,lastname, department
CIIT/FA20-BCS-049/LHR categoriy title, published,description
CIIT/FA20-BCS-050/LHR blog post title, content, author
CIIT/FA20-BCS-055/LHR vouchers title, amount,isFixed,max_amount
CIIT/FA20-BCS-060/LHR media filename, filetype, size, extension
CIIT/FA20-BCS-065/LHR Mailing list name, email
CIIT/FA20-BCS-072/LHR LuggageType title,capacity, size
CIIT/FA20-BCS-077/LHR destination title, slug, attractions
CIIT/FA20-BCS-087/LHR VoltageReadings max,min, average
CIIT/FA20-BCS-089/LHR Recipes title, content, ingredients
CIIT/SP19-BSE-128/LHR food type, name, calories
CIIT/SP20-BCS-009/LHR disease name, causes, symptoms
CIIT/SP20-BCS-114/LHR doctors name, speciality, hospital


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