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FA23 Web Technologies

Embark on an enriching learning journey through our comprehensive course on the MERN stack. Discover the art of crafting dynamic web applications using MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js, and unlock endless possibilities in the world of modern web development. Join me to master the tools that power today’s most innovative and interactive online experiences.

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This Page will host the FA23 Web Technologies Course activities being taught at COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus by Usman Akram.

Submit your github repo links here with your official email addresses.

BookMark or clone my repo fa23-web-tech-by-usman-akram which will host all of the code which I will be demonstrating in class.

Environment Setup

Install Following

Your Repo should contain following folders

Create only one folder for your term project and place code in seperate folders at the time of Final Viva. 

  • Assignment One (CV)
    You are required to create your CV in html/CSS. Do not use any library/framework. Make your CV using only pure CSS. You are also required to use atleast one effect which is not discussed in class. The extra effect can be anything e.g. a fancy border, a progress slider etc.
    DeadLine:  02-10-2023
  • Assignment Two
    You are to choose a term project for your web technologies assignments and lab tasks. It will be a progressive development throughout the semester.
    Create a landing page for your term project. You are free to use any library/framework e.g. Bootstrap or JQuery. Serving your landing page from express is not necessary at this stage.
    Deadline: 02-10-2023
  • Assignment Three
    A user authentication is a must for any web based project. authentication is of two types session based and web token based.
    Implement Session based authentication in yout term project. user password should be hashed by using brcryptjs plugin.
  • Assignment Four
    Restful APIs are very crucial for client side rendered apps and for communication among different apps.
    Create atleast two restful apis and protect one of them with token based authentication.
  • Lab Task One
    Create a register page of your term project and apply JQuery Validate Plugin to validate the form before submission. Your form will not be actually submitted yet. It will be in later stages.
    Deadline: 02-10-2023
  • Lab Task Two
    Complete a Server Side Rendered CRUD operation on one of your collections which you will must have been using in your term project
  • Lab Task Three
    Implemnet pagination and filtering on your main collection either in server side or client side rendered modules of your term project
  • Lab Task Four
    Seperate admin panel and main site and serve both sections on same url
  • Mid Term Lab
  • Final Lab
  • Practice. // do All your practice work here