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SP22 Web Technologies Assignments/Quizez

Assignment 1

Create a One Page CV of you by using only HTML/CSS/JS. You are not allowed to use any CSS or JS Library


Deadline: 18-3-2022

Quiz 1

Create a One Page CV of you. You should demonstrate the use of bootstrap and JQuery
1. Atleast one event should be handled which should be binded at page load using JQuery
2. Bootstrap Grid System should be used for layout designing.


Deadline: 21-3-2022

Term Project

Following tasks will be evaluated on your term project.

Its an open ended project. You are free to choose any application to build bit it should fulfil the tasks assigned in following assignments and quizez. Submit each task separately.

Asisgnment Two

Create and Deploy a RestFul API using Node+Express+Mongodb. Your API should containg atleast following 5 routes
1. read all records
2. Read single record
3. create a record
4. delete a record
5. update a record


Deadline: 4-4-2022

Quiz Two

Connect your API with a JQUery based Client app and make a single page web app which should
1. list records
2. create new record
3. delete a record
4. update a record.


Deadline: 12-4-22

Quiz Three

Create a Server side rendered web app which should demonstrate
1. Atleast three pages.
2. Connect pages with top navigation


Deadline: 30-4-2022

SP22 WT Assignment Three Term Project Submission

Submit Your Term Project which should demonstrate following features
1. Server Side Rendering or Client side Rendering (Either EJS or React)
2. Authentication (Login/Register) add atleast one protected route
3. Atleast one Complete Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) operation
4. Seperate Front End and Admin Panels.
5. Deployment is optional but it would carry bonus marks.

Completion is not required. Quality of work would be considered. You will be assessed comparatively


Deadline: 6-6-2022