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SP23 Web Technologies

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In this course we will be implementing a term project in your choice of topic. Term Project will be divided into milestones. Each mile stone will be considered a seperate assignment.

Submit your git repo here Your repo should have Eight folders named after each assignment mentioned below.

Assignment 1

You are required to implement your CV in HTML+CSS (One Page or multiple pages) without using any library.

Assignment 2

Make atleast three pages for your term project and link them with a navigation top menu, You can choose any pages to link with each other.

Assignemt 3

Convert your created design of your term project in express and connect your app with mongodb

Assignment 4

Complete a full CRUD Create, Read, Update Delete of atleaast one collection in server side rendering and one restful api

Lab Task 1

Make a landing page of your Term Project using any library. This will be a html file accompanying any css files which you have created or used.

Lab Task 2

In any of your pages you should demonstrate the use of JS by implementing any form validation.

Lab Task 3

Implement Session based authentication and authorization. You will be implementing a login page and also a register page.

Lab Task 4

Complete your Term Project which should demonstrate following features

  • DB Conectivty
  • Form Validation
  • Client Side Rendering
  • Authentication
  • Landing Page
  • Admin Panel