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Web Engineering CSC337

Course Rationale:

In start, the web was mainly used to display products and services offered by organizations. The high speed and low cost of internet has gradually made the web an important element of daily life. Today, there are websites that facilitate online selling, auctions, classifieds, learning, blogging, communication, social connections, match making and a lot more. Each passing day, new products are introduced and right ones are consumed by millions of users. And now, it is no more limited to consumer websites only, the enterprise systems that run organizations business processes e.g. human resource management, sales, purchases, manufacturing, health care, insurance, etc. are also being developed as web applications. Web has made the software delivery and maintenance much easier as compared to desktop applications. In addition to all this, mobile applications also use web protocols for data storage and retrieval at central location. So there is huge demand of web application development skill, this course is designed to equip students with necessary knowledge and skills required to develop web applications.

Prior Knowledge:

Web Technologies is an applied and programming intensive course, so it’s assumed the students taking the course have good knowledge and skill of Computer Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms. The course assignments also require data storage, so it’s recommended the student has taken relational Database Management course too. The knowledge of networks is not required but would be an added advantage if the student has also taken the Communication Networks course.