Assignment 2

Make a duplicate File removal utility.

input:  a folder path

output: keep only one copy of duplicate files delete duplicates recursively. check all folders/subfolders

Note: you can use any language

Caution: don’t accidently delete your any drive Smile 

Best of luck

Submission: Hard copy plus viva. team members=3 exactly.

Deadline: 28th of April 2014 4:30 PM 

vivas can be given later but hard copies should be submitted by deadline

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Latex figure in two coloumn article

    \caption{Training Architecture}

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Latex Installation instructions

Download and install Miktex 

Download and install Texniccenter 

Download and install JabRef 

in exact order

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Latex Tables

Creating Tables in latex is really a pain a simple solution is to use the online generators as of

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Paper Solutions

Sessional One Solution

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S1 Exam Schedule and Course

Topics Covering Exam of S1

  • Intro to OS
  • Problems in OS
  • Process States
  • Processes and Threads
  • Inter Process Communication including the home reading stuff
  • Problems in Inter process communications
    • Race Conditions
    • Dining Philosopher Problem
    • Producer consumer Problem
    • Critical Regions
    • Locks
    • Mutex
    • Semaphores
  • Process Scheduling

Timing and Venue Tuesday, 18th March 2014

Section A


Section B First Half


Section B Second Half


Section C


Paper Format

Subjective, Short Questions. Get Your Brain Ready for brainstorming Smile Good Luck

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CakePHP console cheat sheet

create plugin

.\Console\cake bake plugin menus

Baking for plugins

cake bake controller Contacts --plugin ContactManager

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cakephp Migrations plugin cheat sheet

New Migration

.\Console\cake Migrations.migration generate –f

Migration Up

.\Console\cake Migrations.migration run up

Migration Down

.\Console\cake Migrations.migration run down

Migration Reset to empty DB

.\Console\cake Migrations.migration run reset

Migration Run All

.\Console\cake Migrations.migration run all

Add Data on Up

$User = ClassRegistry::init(‘Users.User’);

            $dataU[0]['User']['username'] = ‘admin’;
            $dataU[0]['User']['password'] = ‘admin’;
            $dataU[0]['User']['verify_password'] = ‘admin’;
            $dataU[0]['User']['email'] = ‘’;
            $dataU[0]['User']['website'] = ‘’;
            $dataU[0]['User']['name'] = ‘Usman Akram’;
            $dataU[0]['User']['role_id'] = 1;
            $dataU[1]['User']['username'] = ‘demo’;
            $dataU[1]['User']['password'] = ‘demo’;
            $dataU[1]['User']['verify_password'] = ‘demo’;
            $dataU[1]['User']['email'] = ‘’;
            $dataU[1]['User']['website'] = ‘’;
            $dataU[1]['User']['name'] = ‘Demo User’;
            $dataU[1]['User']['role_id'] = 2;


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CakePHP Migrations Plugin and model usage in bootstrap issue

If the model is used in bootstrap then the migrations plugin simply don’t work as on running migration down there would be no table present in database for the model being called in bootstrap.

ideally speaking it should not be an issue but that’s the way it is…

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A study on RE Process Models for Offshore Software Development

Abstract: Increasing trends of cheap and quality software development have raised a great interest in offshore software development. Sub continental software houses are much cheaper than the European or American market. Due to cultural social and linguistic differences the requirement gathering has become difficult for offshore software developers. In this study the requirement gathering issues for offshore software houses are investigated and then the standard requirement engineering models are compared with each other according to different metrics and a comprehensive survey among the sub continental software engineers is carried out to suggest a proper requirement engineering model according to the nature of the project.

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